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A final word.

We are ending the blog. Yeah it’s not a prank or anything. Instead of randomly letting it die, we’re leaving some reasons so you lot have something to make drama about one last time (that is sarcastic. kind of.) 

1. It’s just not fun anymore:  It stopped being fun when armies of screaming fangirls jumped on a confession because they insulted their biases / friends and insulted the OPs opinion and then came moaning about it to us 8T 

2. Some people are idiots.  It sounds mean, but we all know it’s true. We’re human too, and we can’t keep up with everyone disagreeing and fighting about every little detail.   

3. The confessions themselves. Some things people confess nowadays are VILE. If we don’t post it, we’d get people complaining we are favouring others. 

This blog is basically just making us disgruntled and stressed. It’s going downhill, and the negative response we get is ridiculous. 

You may wonder why we don’t open up the admin process and just leave ourselves, but we know you teenagers. It’s happened time and time again, we’ve opened it up and the people we recruit just don’t do anything. (This blog is so awful for us, Admin H and M just argued on how to close the blog. :<)

To those who have supported the blog, thank you for sticking by us and we’re sorry that the blog is ending in such a sudden way, we love you. -Admin H and M

In some ways it’s been fun, and we love you, mostly. :’D

Yours Truly,

-Admins H, M, C, Y and L

P.S. It was more fun when all we confessed about what what a bitch Soraru was and how we hated Piko and how Pokota was too good for Hanatan etc. instead of Youtube stuff. Just my honest opinion as someone who was once a follower turned admin. - Admin L aka Ciel (hurhur how many of you figured that out?)

P.P.S I wonder how many people figured out that all the active admins were youtubers? lololo Admin Hurhurhur 

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Anonymous said:
Hi i'd like to follow some utaite blogs do you guys know any? thanks so much in advance :)

I’m personally not too knowledgable in these things but there’s 
Sekihan Fan Blog which is run by Admin D
Dumb Utattemita Comments which is run by me :D 
If anyone else has suggestions, feel free to share with this anon over here.
-Admin M  

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